Monday, October 10, 2016

Alexa Hampton's rich and beautiful interiors

It's Monday...ugh.  I need an interior eye candy pick-me-up.  Want to join me? 

These absolutely stunning, elegant rooms are the work of Alexa Hampton.
I LOVE this canopy fabric.

The hours I could spend on the sofas in this room perusing my art books.

The periwinkle of this room is such a pretty shade of blue.

This guest bedroom proves that little can still be luxurious.

Fantastic built-in bookshelves even line the hallways

How about that crown molding.  I really liked the tasseled drapes too.

What do you think of the elegant home by Alexa Hampton?

1 comment:

Heather C said...

I absolutely love it - so gorgeous and elegant! Thank you so much for sharing it. All of her rooms just look rich and colorful (but in a sophisticated way).


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