Wednesday, August 10, 2016

When Simple Meets Stunning

Every once in a while my love for design goes a little overboard and I have to make myself take a step back and clear my mind.

stunning black and white kitchen with a modern ethnic vibe:
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When a room gets overwhelming to me, the first thing I do is take a few things out. Sometimes simply clearing the space can refresh me.

That can happen with more than just decor items. Sometimes colors and textures can be overwhelming too and just taking one piece out can help you find that balance. buenos asuntos de crédito (844) 897-3018 Old World, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish & Tuscan Homes Design & Decor:
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My favorite rooms are ones that are so elegantly put together but somehow the most simple of all.

decorology - - Gmail:
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Try not to clutter rooms that don't need extra decor. Small rooms are the best example for this situation.

How to style rugs in your home + The Market (now open!):

What rooms would you simplify right now if you could?

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