Friday, August 12, 2016

Functional over frills.

When you talking about home decor some would assume that it's more about the fun of decorating than the functionality. That is where I disagree. Decorating isn't all about the frills, its about function too. 


There's no point in spending money on a room just to decorate it without considering how it's going to function and if it's going to need the need of the person using the space.

Navy + White:

You wouldn't spend the money for a high quality stunning kitchen with multiple seating if you weren't interested in cooking or entertaining!

5 tips for updating your bathroom with the Crate and Barrel Gift Registry on 100 Layer Cake:

Each room needs a sense of functionality to make it worth living in! That should be a major factor before you even decide to decorate. Make sure what you pick is going to serve your needs.

Project H Bedroom Reveal: Before and After by Avenue Lifestyle:

Do you decorate with purpose?

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CarolAnne - camdesign said...

very well said, I do for sure most of the time... did not purchase my condo without measuring and doing a floor plan....
I always start with a floor plan (with clients & for myself) work out the space planning so you have the space to walk through or around, does what you want fit?

if you go shopping with a plan and you keep the whole space in mind at all times you will do well... if you forget and purchase something forgetting that rule you might spend money on something that will not fit and you cannot take back... $ lost ... always give yourself a day or two to think and check you plan... then shop

always remember ...fabric, lamps, vases and paint are a long way from the beginning of your new room ....


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