Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Old barns converted into beautiful family homes!

Historic barns turned into functional living spaces

I spent the better part of this weekend scrubbing out my barn and stalls by hand this weekend due to a broken pressure washer, so I have barns on the brain.  Our barn is just a small metal pole barn with two stalls, but it doesn't make it hard to imagine the amazing open concept layout someone could create with a grand old barn of wood or stone.  Here are some pretty examples I found.

I love the contrast of the dark wood floors and the white walls and beams.
via Architectural Digest

If the wood is kept dark, it's a good idea to incorporate large windows for natural light and white or light walls (unless you like dark interiors!)
via Architectural Digest

via OneKindDesign

I'm not a fan of taxidermy as decor, but that door opening to the yard is pretty fantastic!
via OneKindDesign

Beautiful light stone and natural wood floors make this barn conversion quaint and pretty.
via OneKindDesign

I think the photo above and below are from the same barn.  I don't know if I could live on concrete floors, but I like the white plank walls and the rustic furnishings.
via OneKindDesign

via OneKindDesign

Okay, this may not be for everyone, but how amazing would it be to be able to keep watch over and observe your animals while going about your daily household duties!
via Great American Country

So pretty in every way!  The large windows, vaulted ceiling, and character-rich hardwood floors are so pretty.

via OneKindDesign

The barn exteriors are often just as beautiful as the interiors!
via Architectural Digest

via Architectural Digest


Anonymous said...

Why is that in the kitchen!!??

bayski said...
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bayski said...

Love the idea of repurposing the barn. Love the look of the high ceilings and large windows overlooking the land. The whole country vibe screams Texan. Add some ranch decor from Brumbaughs to fill out the look for some full-on western living. Love it!

Victor said...

The whole place has a lot of light, which makes it even better. Absolutely love it.


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