Friday, July 29, 2016

Gifts for New Homeowners

We always talk about great ways to add a touch of your personality into a home, but what if you are trying to give a gift to a new homeowner? Most homeowners would prefer a gift card since it takes time to move in and figure out what you need. But sometimes, you want to give more than a gift card. Here are a few ideas where it's hard to go wrong!

gold full length mirror:

A mirror is a great idea that's hard to go wrong. Wall art may be harder to pick out because it's very personal, but a mirror can simply be stunning without much effort.

Fiddle Leaf Fig:

Larger plants can be a luxury for some new homeowners since they are already budgeting in other things for the home. 

You can't go wrong with a basic throw blanket! This could be used in multiple rooms and if you pick a neutral color, it will mix and match with almost anything!

Ikea Vittsjo Table with Coffee Table Books:
via decorpad

If you are a little more familiar with their style, you can give them the perfect nick knacks to fill in those spaces they might not have gotten too, like bookshelves, coffee tables and more!

Curb Appeal DIY Details - Nesting With Grace:

While most gift givers will be thinking about the inside, don't forget about the outside too! Curb appeal items can be a great addition. 

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
via etsy

Don't be afraid to get something a little more personalized as well! What gifts do you give new homeowners?

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Jeff said...

Hmm well today there is a lot of custom made wardrobes that you can't actually carry to your new place. And I agree that a painting is also a nice welcoming gift. Haha and they can have my messy attic too, perhaps they might find something valuable up in there. :p
Just kidding, it is all matter of perspective, in some case there are people who just want to skin alive potential buyers, and then there are people who are kind and see new homeowners as potential new friends.


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