Monday, June 20, 2016

An elegant bohemian loft

A stylish and sophisticated loft in Philadelphia

Elegant and bohemian aren't normally two styles you necessarily see together, but done right they make quite the beautiful pair!  This loft is the work of Design Manifest, and isn't new to the blogosphere, but worth a revisit! All photos are from Design Manifest.

Stark white walls are the canvas, but you'll find ample pops of pink, blue and black as accent colors.

Amazing light and a lot of seating - hard for this loft not to look friendly

I love that the home is full of what look like travel souvenirs.

 Even the bookcase is full of pops of color.

 Blue,  pink, red and black create quite a punch on this accent wall.  There is also a chinoiserie theme throughout.

 I really like the suzani tablecloth.

A small wall is painted black to designate a bar area.

The bedroom is still colorful but in more muted tones.

What do you think of this modern bohemian loft?

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stevenjared0853 said...

I am looking for suitable Chicago venues for my birthday bash. Want a colorful bohemian party this year. Planning to host the party at one of best party venues and will love to have a bohemian themed event. Hopefully will be able to do it.


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