Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beautiful ways to include brick into your design

When you first purchase a home it's often that the first thing that comes to mind is that you can't wait to put a touch of you into the home. Everyone seems to agree that changing just a few things makes it feel like their home.

via norske

What if that one touch of character you wanted was brick, but there is no brick in sight? There are ways to add a touch of brick yourself. You can wrap a walk through with brick. 

Herringbone brick paver flooring! Hubby wanted a rustic brick floor for the kitchen cooking area! I think we found it!:

You can replace flooring with brick!

Kitchen: love the raised counter in back along with the brick. Modern yet rustic:
via nicety

You can add brick as a back splash.

Maybe you stick to the traditional and brick a fireplace that catches the eye!

Or you can make an outdoor brick getaway. Just because you walk into a home and you don't see a certain thing that you are looking for, doesn't mean it can't be something you add!

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Art-Faux Designs Inc said...

As a decorative artist and painter of nearly 40 years, I can replicate authentic looking brick or stone of any colors and/or designs from "Herring Bone" to Modern Chevron Designs in any color. Its really amazing that Interior Designers and homeowners don't realize that we are out here (decorative artists, faux finishers, Muralists


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