Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A French apartment with amazing classical bones mixed with modern furniture

Decorative moulding, parquet floors, lead panel windows...do I have your attention?  Now add bold pops of color and the clean lines and minimalistic nature of modern furnishings and you have a design buffs wonderland.  Behold, in this Bordeaux apartment below:

Those herringbone parquet floors my friends...how gorgeous are they?

A worn leather armchair has been on my wishlist for a long, long time, pair it with those lead lined windows and classical moulding and you have one heavenly reading nook.

19th century decorative moulding, wainscoting, and original wood floors are present throughout the apartment. 

Aqua blue in the kitchen, mixed with stainless steel and wood cabinetry is an unusual combination.

The master bedroom has the feeling of sleeping in an old library.


Decoart Gallery said...
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Sara Tavares said...

Lovely details! I love the white details and the more renaissance once that remaind me of Boca do Lobo.


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