Friday, February 5, 2016

Home Offices I Adore

I am always in the market for updating my office in any way. It's easy to agree that if you love your work space you'll enjoy the time you spend in there, therefore spend more time in there! 

Since life keeps us changing and trends come and go, I love a good refresh every now and then.

Glass and golden desk, grey chair, decorated shelves, white flowers:
via gallerieb

Just looking at what others do can give you a brilliant idea for your own space.

Photography: Kimberly Chau - Invitations: Winifred Paper Studio Tour -  View entire slideshow: This Week\'s Most Loved Pics on

Rearranging my where my desk in the room has been the biggest advantage I've made so far. I used to be up against a wall and now I am in the middle of the room.

5 Creative Office Ideas by Laure Joliet | west elm:
via westelm

I tend to change out the plants or put fresh flowers in my office for a quick fix.

Inside This PR Maven's Stylish Office ( tray used to contain notes etc.):
via popsugar

Keeping my desk cleaned an organized always helps with my mood when I'm working. 

What motivates you to be in your office and how do you like to change it out?

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