Friday, February 26, 2016

Buy the items you love and make them work in your existing decor!

I'm always finding furnishings, light fixtures, etc. that I love, but I worry about reconciling them to my existing decor.  Lately though, after a few impulse buys that have tied in beautifully in my space, I've realized that if you truly love a piece enough, you can make it work in your existing decor.

Here are some examples below:

You love...

Boldy colored or painted furniture
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Make it the star, or one of many.  Colorful furniture is going to get attention.  So either put it in the spotlight by surrounding it with more muted accessories and furnishings, or make it look like it fits in with the rest by surrounding it with other colored furnishings and accessories.

Above, it's the star.
via Apartment Therapy

Here, it's one of a colorful cast...
via Apartment Therapy

You love...

Impact lighting

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Use it in the bedroom.

In a dining room, you have to worry too much about how the chandelier or light fixture in question will fit in with already existing lighting and the dining room table and chairs.  In the bedroom you double the impact by A. Having an amazing light fixture, and B. Having an amazing light fixture hanging above your bed!

You love...

Midcentury modern

Don't make your house look like the set of Mad Men.  As cool as it may be, you will get tired of seeing a whole room of furniture in the same period style.  The good news is that if you pick pieces in a neutral color or finish, like these amazing chairs (white and metal), you can integrate them successfully with your existing furniture.

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Contemporary Dining Room by Brisbane Interior Designers & Decorators Highgate House

Also, if you get something that you can buy in a set, ie, dining chairs, lamps, end tables, it will add to the "intention" of mixing mid century modern with your existing decor.

Is there a piece that you just had to have?  How did you make it work in your existing decor?

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