Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Pop of Modern Wallpaper

I go back and forth on whether I love wallpaper or not. Sometimes I feel like it's too busy, sometimes I can't imagine putting the time and effort into wallpapering my walls, and other times I am awestruck and in love! 

Wallpaper has definitely become more popular these days with showing a bit of personality and creating a sense of true design in a room. 

It's also changed become much easier to handle. With vinyl wallpaper that sticks right one and peels right off, it makes it look almost too easy!

It makes me reconsider wallpaper and think about which rooms I might use them in. 

Or maybe they'll just be on one wall, or even the ceiling!! 

What do you think about wallpaper?


Johanna said...

I love wallpaper! But it depends of course on the print, color, scale, and how much of it is used throughout the home. I really like wallpaper in foyers and powder rooms, and also in massive, boutique-like closets.

Lynn said...



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