Monday, December 21, 2015

Why I love the color gray!

I know I have shared my love of neutrals all over this blog. The bright white crisp look is one of my favorites but so is gray. Here are a few examples why:

It's a little tricky to see what's happening here, but I believe the lower half of the windows have either a cellular shade or window film on them. So you can still see outside but you get privacy too. This idea could work for the kitchen banquette.:
via decorpad

It can coordinate with almost ANY color! It is so versatile, clean, and to me there's something calming about it. 

DON'T Forget the Headboard Taller headboards introduce a vertical element that can enlarge the sense of space:
via bhg

It can be masculine or feminine! There are an endless amount of ways you can style it to fit almost any style or preference.

It can be warm and cozy and looks great with nature.

It can make a statement and works great in children rooms too!

I've also noticed it's the best balance between the which shows more dirt discussion! It hides it quite well!

Do you love gray as much as I do? 

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