Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Skinny Kitchen

We all dream of having that luxurious large open kitchen.

But more of then not we get a galley kitchen. I know our kitchen isn't as grand and luxurious as I had originally planned but when we fell in love with our home, that was something we just decided to live with.

Before and After: A Drab NYC Apartment Gets a Mod Makeover via @domainehome:
via mydomaine

It was then I decided that skinny kitchen's weren't all that bad! Here are a few examples of small or skinny kitchens that I actually love.

There's something so bright, shiny, and cheery about this kitchen I couldn't imagine being upset about it's size!

This kitchen looks so clean! It's amazing how a clean and clutter free kitchen can make all the difference.

Just because the kitchen is small doesn't mean it can't feel open to the rest of the house. Opening walls is a great way to make a galley kitchen feel larger than it is!

Classic White Kitchen With Black Accents:
via mydomaine

Do you think you could settle for a skinny kitchen?

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