Monday, December 14, 2015

Relaxed Luxury

Pairing the impossible is one of my favorite things! Putting two design types that contradict each other make for an interesting room. Today I found some amazing pictures that show a side of relaxed luxury.

You can make a room stand out and be luxurious and all it takes is one simple piece of furniture to create a relaxed luxury feeling.

A stunning table can be paired with woven chairs or a bench seat to make it a little more relaxing.

Luxe bedroom . Over Age 30? 9 Items You Shouldn't Have In Your Home via @domainehome:
via mydomaine

A beautiful luxurious home can be made relaxed by the materials and furniture choices you choose.

A traditional home can be made more luxurious by simple hardware and lights, stunning mirrors, and luxurious counter tops! 

Do you like the look of relaxed luxury? 


Veronika said...

I love the "relaxed luxury" look. All of the white and light colored surfaces really make the space look huge. I wish my townhouse looked as good as this apartment does.

Dora Peter said...

Hey,Hi...Nice share.BTW,the pics are very nice.I liked all your luxurious ideas.It creates me a relaxed luxury feeling...:)Cheers-Dora Pete

Drop Ceiling Tile said...

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