Friday, December 11, 2015

Balancing Bold and Neutral in the Bedroom

Life is a balancing act! Especially when you start sharing your bedroom with your significant other. Sometimes there's a time to compromise, or find a happy balance. How do you find a happy balance between neutral and bold in the bedroom?

Neutral colors can be light or dark! First find out which one you each prefer. You can go bold with a neutral color by picking a darker shade, or added a pop of color. 

Keep the neutral color scheme but go with a bold pattern! It could even be as simple as an accent wall.

Pastels and neutrals go hand in hand! Although pastels may not seem like a bold move, you might be surprised how much a little pastel can do!

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Do you think you could find a happy balance between neutral and bold?

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Rudy Daly said...

This post is just wow and excellent...Above displayed pictures are quite beautiful and attractive...I really loved these Modern bedroom ideas and furniture.......


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