Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Dreaded Blank Wall!

It seems like in most homes, there is always that one wall that stumps us. We have on idea what to do with it, or what would even look good there! Sometimes it's an awkward size or shape and most pictures don't seem to sit right. Here are a few ideas to get your brain moving this morning:

white and orchid!:
via brit

Think outside the box. Maybe a few pictures would work better than one large one. Maybe putting it at a different height gives it a better look. 

via bhg

You can always go with the more is better look! Instead of one simple picture, maybe a collage would work better.

Try a different shape or item. Maybe a mirror would be better suited. It doesn't have to be a rectangle either! 

False Creek Condo by After Design:
via homeadore

Fill the space with floating shelves! This way you can change out the decor as you see fit and you aren't stuck trying to find a large item that you might not like anyways.

Ditch the search for the perfect item. Pick some fun wallpaper instead! It will fill the void of needing to find something for the wall and it will make you smile every time you see it. 

What tips do you have for filling a blank wall?

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