Monday, October 26, 2015

Let's Gather Around the Table

There has been some discussion lately on what tables are coming next. The farmhouse table has been a huge hit and stayed for quite some time, but it looks like round tables are coming back!

For a more formal look, you would think a rectangular table would be the choice, but you might be surprised that a round table can be formal too!

4 Interior Design Hacks To Transform Your Apartment FAST:
via westelm

In some rooms it actually helps with the floor plan and flow of the room.

Some rooms just weren't made for rectangles or squares! With a round table it's easier to get closer. You can scoot in a chair and get cozy unlike the other's where you'd be stuck with a corner.

They also look great in eat in kitchens! 

Which kind of table do your prefer?


Joanne said...

I love a round table. It makes for better conversations with all. I've always had one in my kitchen but only recently bought one for my dining room. Loving it! It is more difficult to make a vignette, I find. Any suggestions?

ocpio said...

Lovely table!


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