Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Door Decor Ideas!

We are getting our house ready for Halloween and all the little kids that will be coming to trick or treat this year. I've been trying to come up with some creative door ideas that aren't going to break the bank account! Here are a few I found:

Bat Template - Hang them around your house and/or your front porch...or whatever! It's just fun   # Pinterest++ for iPad #:

Paper, string, pumpkins, and brooms sound simple and fun to me!

#DIY Creepy Halloween Draperies:
via hgtv

This one is definitely a little scarier than I had planned but it so creative I had to share!

This one seems simple and effective! It might be my favorite!

The Best 35 Front Door Decors For This Year’s Halloween - Opt for something fun and simple and turn your front door into a cute yet scary monster. Use two plates for the eyes and tape for the mouth.{found on moderndaymoms}.:
via homedit

This one is great for the younger kids. Not too scary and very simple!

Tangled Web Scenic Panel     $24.00   I want this!:

This one is really creative! I love how simple it is on the screen door and wouldn't take much effort!

What are you doing for Halloween this year?


Ivy Lane said...

My fave is the entry with the pumpkins, tree branches, bats...! Looks really easy to put together too!

Gonna hang out at home and hand out the treats this Hallow's eve!



james kast said...

I think I'm giving the door with the "Frankenstein" face a try. There are plenty of kids in our neighborhood and they be definitely thrilled with that decor idea. I also like the first one, the door with bats, brooms and pumpkins. It looks a bit eerie yet classy-- and requires minimal painting and decorating


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