Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bench Seating Inspiration

Kitchen's can always use extra seating. Formal dining rooms are nice but not always available in smaller spaces. Finding that balance between a kitchenette and enough space to seat a family is easier than you might think. Bench seating can create extra space where you might not think you have it.

These designers hand selected a white paint perfect for their projects — and yours too! Check out all the different shades of white you didn't know existed.:
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With a traditional dining room table it would need to be in the middle of the room to allow for people to move around the chairs. If you need that room for other things, a bench seat allows you to put the table up against the wall and give your more floor space.

Enhance architecture in your home with molding, beadboard or wainscoting.:
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It can create seating where you thought you couldn't have it. This little corner would normally barely fit two and a simple bench can add additional seating and storage.

Breakfast nook with indigo Shibori dyed pillows and woven midcentury dining chairs.:
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Don't have a dinning room or need that space for something else? Take your breakfast nook up a notch! Bench seating can double as storage space too! That's a win-win.

20+ Tips for Turning Your Small Kitchen Into an Eat-In Kitchen : Page 02 : Rooms : Home & Garden Television:
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A formal dining room isn't for everyone. If you'd rather a cozy home, make it cozy!

banquet - build in storage underneath:
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If formal is your thing and you can't picture a bench seat in a formal setting, hopefully this well help! Keep it simple and classy.

Do you love bench seats? Do you have any in your home? I'd love to hear in the comments below!


Ivy Lane said...

I would love to have a corner banquette in my kitchen!

Fun ideas here!



ocpio said...

Great post and inspiring to get some ideas on bench seating.

Anonymous said...

I have a banquette - very comfortable with cushions and pillows. Everyone loves it. Even if I plan a more formal dinner, my friends still prefer the banquette in the kitchen. I think I will turn the dining room into an office or den.


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