Friday, July 17, 2015

Stunned by Steel

My first reaction to steel windows and doors wouldn't necessarily be a positive one, but I have recently changed my mind! My love for natural, white, crisp and clean just opened up a little. 

Sophisticated Notting Hill Town House - 2 storey game changing windows

Steel windows are gorgeous! They are simple and stunning. I am surprised at how versatile they are. 

What I imagine when I hear steel is industrial. It makes me think cold, dark, and hard. Lately I've been seeing them used in a different light. 

This is a great change in my point of view of steel. If you have a great garden or view these windows and doors can create a great sense of indoor outdoor style you  might be looking for.

They can be used in different ways. I would have never thought to use doors for a shower but they look perfect in this bathroom!

I'm also impressed with how many different home styles I have seen use them. They really are magnificent! 

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