Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nursery in the master bedroom: Room in with your baby in style

We have a fairly large master bedroom, a small guest room, and another smallish bedroom that acts as my office.  In order to keep our guest room as long as possible, we plan on keeping baby with us in the master bedroom for 6 months or so.  Is this going to work out?  I have no idea.  In the meantime, I’m collecting inspiration for sharing a space with our new little one.

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Anyone here shared a room with their baby?


Cindy Espinoza said...

yes we shared. even though we didnt need to...the first one for six months and the second for 9-no problems. the third (that is coming in november) doesnt have a room unless we nix our office/guestroom...or move. we are considering the ladder, but baby will surely be with us again. it felt good to have them close at the beginning anyway.
hopefully you get a great sleeper and then you wont even know they are there with you...or vice versa. Once they are a little older though, they are going to see you are there beside them and it will be hard to just let them fall back asleep on their own-which is the goal. when that happens, its time to move them...good luck.

Anonymous said...

We had both of our kids in our room with us until 9 months (for our first) and 14 months (second). ((They now share a room, hence waiting so long the second time)) Having the little in the same room while they are exclusively nursing is very handy.

The two things that we had to do, due to a small room, turned out to be a blessing. 1 - We did not change the baby in our bedroom. This allowed my husband to easily keep sleeping through feedings that happened in the middle of the night. 2 - As our second got older and could see us we hung a navy blue curtain in front of the crib that we could push aside. It looked nice pulled back, blocked light coming into the crib, kept the baby from seeing us, and slightly muffled our sleeping sounds.

We are getting ready for our third and will definitely have her in the room with us again.



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