Monday, July 13, 2015

Easy outdoor upgrade

Outdoor space can be tricky when it comes to design. In most cases, to upgrade your exterior space can be quite a costly adventure. There's one that I always keep in mind when being budget conscious and that's a pergola! 

Under the pergola
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They aren't too expensive, they are easy to DIY, and they can add so much more to your outdoor space. 

They create a great space for some partial shade, and some privacy if you'd like it!

Everyone loves to own a pergola at home, either in their lawn, or in the garden where trees and a pool surround it, doesn’t it sound heavenly? There are various ways by which you can design the per...
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You can dress them up or keep them simple but making them look stunning is not difficult!

Making it an addition to a preexisting deck our outdoor space really makes your usable outdoor space double!

Great black timber pergola with white outdoor furniture. Pinned to Garden Design - Pergolas by Darin Bradbury.
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You can use it with a wall to hide an eyesore! It creates a cozy nook and provides great shade.

Not to mention it's great for hanging lights from. Who wouldn't want to add a romantic touch to your outdoor space on a great budget?

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