Friday, June 5, 2015

A Little Luxury Goes A Long Way

Taking a room to the next level of luxury isn't all about high priced items. It's about making it stand out from the rest and feel glamorous.

Highlighting the great points of your room are key. These lights really stand out and make you look at the height of the room. It helps that they are gorgeous as well.

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Although this room looks huge, it's deceiving. The way it's painted features the height and the view takes away from the fact that this is an average room size. 

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Be smart about the materials you choose. Great tile work does not have to be costly. A cheaper version of it can still look like a million bucks.

Looking to take your office up the next notch? Clear out all the clutter and keep it organized. A clean office looks more expensive and taken care of. A fun chandelier wouldn't hurt either. 

Updating a kitchen but don't have teh budget for all the bells and whistles? Concentrate on the things you'll notice the most. Cabinetry and counter top! The rest will be fine.

What would you do to make your room more luxurious looking?


Designer Pillow Shop said...

That bathroom looks like heaven! If I were to decorate rooms to make them look more luxurious, I would add better lighting and cute neutral-colored pillows.

Aura Modern Bedrooms | Beds Perth said...

Hear, hear, to the point that making your rooms luxurious doesn't necessarily mean you need to shell out tons of money! It's all about finding out what works best for you and your space and maximizing all its features without getting too greedy. Perfect lighting is also essential! As this can ruin the overall mood of the place. Great tips!

Jordan said...

I love this! The bathroom especially looks beautiful - almost like a spa. Definitely luxurious and beautiful!


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