Thursday, May 21, 2015

A little texture can go a long way!

You may hear designers talk about texture as one aspect that really makes or breaks a room. Visual texture, when done correctly, can transform a simple room into a unique eye catching space.

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The brick walls, with wood floors, a comfy couch, and a woven rug all give you different textures that combined well together. Each one touches your senses in a different way but when brought together can create a truly unique feel.

1917 Bungalow by MirĂ³ Rivera Architects
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Mixing wood, tile, and granite really makes this room feel that nostalgic sense of home with a modern twist of luxury.

There's something so unique about wood grain and mixing that with painted cabinets, glass, and stone really makes each item stand out!

Texture doesn't always have to come from major home upgrades. It can be as simple as adding wood to an already great cabinet and pairing it with wicker baskets and a fun rug. 

How do you use texture in your home?

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The Office Stylist said...

I love the look of texture. It adds a whole new dynamic to the space. My favorite piece is the rug.


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