Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sofas that are anything but neutral - couches with color

Our walls are close to this color - I just assumed we would get a gray sofa. All though I'd prefer white or cream, with an active young dog and a baby on the way, I'm afraid I'd be constantly fretting over stains. I would never have thought to use a light blue couch against an aqua wall, but I don't mind it here.
via Pinterest via House of Turquoise

via Pinterest via Domaine
I love navy, but I'm so afraid of it making our already small living room seem smaller.

via Pinterest via View Along the Way

Eclectic Living Room by Ellicott City Furniture & Accessories Classic Interiors

This living room isn't our style - but it makes me smile.
via Awesome Interior

via Decoist

Any of you have a bright, bold sofa that they love?


D. Final Girl said...

Growing up we always had bright couches- red and pink. As an adult, I've bought a chocolate brown and a light tan. I always like the look of colorful sofas but, wonder if I'll grow bored with it. said...

@D. Final Girl - me too - I'm worried the novelty of it will wear off!


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