Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to add accents of red into your space

I'm not one for red, or warm colors at all, but I do like trying new things and changing things up. That's why I thought I'd find some inspiration for using the boldest color of them all - red.

A throw is an easy and non-committal way to dip your toes into using bolder colors.
via Coco & Kelly

A red rug in the kitchen is an unexpected way to add impact.
via pinterest via hgtv

If you have a lot of light blue or aqua in your home, then red is a sure thing to use as an accent.
via Fancy Lady

via Martha Stewart

via Pandas House

via Simple House Design Ideas


D. Final Girl said...

I've been following your blog for a little while and thought I'd comment on this post. I think aqua is my favorite color to add pops of red- like the photo you have above. said...

@D. Final Girl - Thanks for chiming in - and I agree about aqua :)

The Office Stylist said...

You can never go wrong with red! It's such a classic and sophisticated color. I am totally obsessed with that red rug by the way.

The Office Stylist

Leo Sigh said...

The two kitchens with the red mat and the red chairs look amazing. Just so cool how they 'pop'.


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