Monday, January 19, 2015

Not Your Traditional Nightstands!

Sometimes using an item that's not originally for it's intend can be a great surprise and fun feature to your room! I've found a few alternatives to use for your nightstand that you might find inspiring. Take a look around your home now, I bet you could find a few pieces you already own that would make a great nightstand:

Built by You: Simple Yet Super DIY Furniture Projects for the Bedroom | Apartment Therapy

Wooden crates are not something new, but I love how they incorporated a light in it and made the boxes able to turn. This piece is definitely makes a statement!

A trash can turned upside down. Simple and Genius.

Reusing cinder blocks to create a nightstand is pretty brilliant!

DIY vintage suitcase table- I may have just found the nightstands I was looking for to complete my guest bedroom!
via paperblog

Making your own nightsand out of something you might have lying around the house. This is seriously creative and a great way to hide clutter in the suitcase itself!!

Who would have thought to use a barrel as a nightstand? I love the spray painted black, you could do so many things with a barrel. 

Cutting a table in half? It's the perfect way to make an interesting nightstand out of something that you may already have. 

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