Friday, January 23, 2015

How do you stay organized?

With all the big changes in our home there is a lot going on! Sometimes staying on top of it all can get a little overwhelming, so I thought I'd ask my readers what they do to stay organized!

Organize your time!
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Are you the kind of person that has to write everything down in one specific place like a calendar or a journal?

Do you find yourself using sticky notes more than anything?

Would you not function without Google Docs and spreadsheets?

IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: A Delightfully Organized Desk
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I'm curious! Whats your system and is it working?


Jordan said...

I think the main way I stay organized is just making sure that everything has a spot. Everything has to have a home. If it doesn't have a designated spot, then I have to ask if it's vital to my work or whatever space I'm talking about. If it's not essential, I throw it out or find a new room to put it in. Typically though, if it's needed, it finds somewhere to live. said...

@Jordan - great rule of thumb you are using! It also makes things easy to find and just requires a little maintenance (just putting things back when you are done with them!)


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