Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Inspiring Eat-In Kitchens

Supposedly eat-in kitchens are back, though I never knew they left. I have just never had a kitchen large enough for a table other than a small barista table. I really like the idea of an eat-in kitchen to get the family together and away from the TV though.  Seems like it would be cozier than eating in the dining room!

via Pinterest via Centsational Girl

I love one side being a booth or a bench - a great option for squirmy kids.

via Pinterest via BHG

via CoCoCozy

Do you have an eat-in kitchen?  How often do you use it?


Anonymous said...

We have an eat in kitchen and love it. It's so less formal than a dining room. We eat breakfast and most dinners there. My granddaughter does her home work at the table while I'm cooking. Good for conversations! Kathy

Portobello Design Blog said...

I had a eat in kitchen for years, no body wanted to eat in there. So I sold the set, after 11 years, and replaced it with a painted antique Italian dresser, which holds lines, place mates,etc., and add two french chairs and a small table. Now, no matter who comes in they always want to sit in there and talk. Go figure. For dinner we just use our dinning room table, where my son does his homework. Great post. All the best, RiƩ

Anonymous said...

Yes. Um, every time I eat?

Victoria Ross said...

I think eat-in kitchens are the best. Dining rooms feel really old fashioned and just take up a room that could be used for something else. LOVE the white chairs with the black seats. Those would look great in my black and white themed kitchen.

Thanks for sharing these awesome eat-ins!

Lux4home said...

I like this designs very much. all kitchens are so nice and cozy!

great job!

Kendalls said...

Eat-in kitchens are definitely awesome, but more so if you have enough space for everything. Anyways, the ones with the booths are so nice! They have that warm diner feeling.


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