Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What Kind of Bed Maker Are You?

As much as I love to say that I am a great bed maker, I tend to to not always be the best at it! Here are a few bed making personalities I tend to lean towards:

The Comfy But Pretty look. You partially made it, but let's be honest, you just want it to be easy to get back into when the time comes!

The Everything Has A Place look. You do it every morning, its part of your routine and you make sure it's picture perfect ready every time!

The It's My Bed And I'll Do What I Want or don't do anything look. It's a bed! Why make it when you are getting right back in?

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The Tidy, Clean, & Simple look. You like it polished and clean. You border on the line of minimalistic but also love a hint of character.

The Pillow Happy look. There's no such thing as too many pillows, and you like them in mix matching styles as well! After all, who doesn't love jumping in a pile of pillows?

linens in shades of grey

The Let's Do This Later look. Who said the bed had to be made? It looks better folded in a pile anyway!

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