Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving decorating ideas that you haven't seen a million times

It's quite a challenge to find unique decorating ideas for the holidays.  Especially with so many people entertaining over Thanksgiving, you want some decor that makes your home a little more memorable.  Here are some ideas that I hope are new to you!

GiveThanks Collection 2012 - free printables from TheTomkat Studio
Choose an appropriate but non-traditional color palette.  Orange and brown is a classic for Thanksgiving, but how about white and brown.  It definitely lends your home a fresher look.  Click here to get these free Thanksgiving printables!
I love this handmade garland with a palette straight from nature. A little metallic paint and you can create a custom message. Learn how here

via Pinerest via Love Paper Paint

Simple Thanksgiving table

The pastel color palette on this table definitely makes it memorable.
via Pinterest via Decorating Your Small Space

Fall Porch

And yet another example of how unexpected color freshens up Thanksgiving decor.  I love the addition of the pink mums!  Without them it would be a pretty, but rather ho-hum porch.

via Making it in the mountains

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Kati B ~ FurnishMyWay said...

Such cute ideas! Seriously love all of these. I'll be hosting Thanksgiving for my whole family for the first time next year, so I'll have to keep these projects in mind. :)


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