Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making the Most out of a Small Space

Sometimes it's the small spaces that seem the hardest to work with, other times they are the most fun! You may no feel like you have a lot of room in your home, but here are a bunch of spaces that make the best out of the square footage they do have!

Who says you can't have a hugy comfy chair in a small room?

Instant Coffee Bar Elevate your morning toast-and-tea ritual with a window seat. This blogger's DIY breakfast bar replaced a dining table when she moved into a smaller space, and was inspired by visits to her favorite cafes.

Or a kitchen table that only has two chairs?

A closet in your staircase might not be your initial thought.

In closet desk_storage.

Or a desk in your closet! But it looks great doesn't it?

Inside a Chic Small Home With Major Style | // Cozy balcony space with plants, seating, and blankets.

Don't underestimate those small spaces, they may just be your favorite ones!

1 comment:

Vidya Sudarsan said...

The kitchen table by the window is a great idea! I prefer small and cozy homes anytime compared to a huge home where space is initialized. Love all these inspirations Ashley!


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