Monday, September 15, 2014

A Little Decorating Inspiration

Here are five decorating mantra's to live by that I found off of Pinterest and couldn't resist sharing!

1. The closer something is to your body, the better it should be. This argues for fine sheets and cheap drapes!

2. Surround yourself with quality, not clutter. Buy it once, buy it right!

So simple, clean, a minimalist' dream.

3. Every room needs something living: flowers, goldfish, a pet.

We love a white desk + pops of colors + fresh flowers. #sopretty #dreamdesk #dormify @dormify .

4. Honor the acts of daily living. If it's a habit, make it beautiful!

kvtes: “ explore-everywhere: “ westheritage: “ West Heritage x Sackcloth & Ashes The past couple of weeks, we’ve been in touch with a company from the PNW called Sackcloth & Ashes who makes handmade...

5. Life should sparkle. Every house needs bling!

Do you have any mantra's you live by?


Merry said...

Love the log coffee table. I have had to rearrange my entire house recently after both my parents passed away and I got the furniture from the estate. It really makes you evaluate things! At least I only got the small stuff!

Madhavi from Styling-Homes with Madhavi Munot. said...

Absolutely agree with idea no 2 and 4.

One mantra that I live by is that every room needs some wall decor, be it a single wall.

Adding zing to a boring wall works the trick for me. That does not mean you paint every wall a different colour or clutter the walls with artwork. It can be something as simple as hanging a beautiful painting, having a single wall painted in a different colour with groupings of family photos or wall shelves created for placing books and souvenirs.

FeltBallRug - Rebecca said...

So many great ideas here. I'm definitely a fan of quality over quantity and making the beautiful habits beautiful.

I think another big mantra I live by in decorating my space, is that the decor should be inspired by the special things in my life: people, places, experiences. I'm always being inspired by a gift I received from someone or a place I've been. I love decorating and finding my inspiration in these things because then when I'm in home I feel like I'm surrounded by all the people and things that I love most and have made me, me!


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