Thursday, August 7, 2014

My home office inspiration

I've been trying to find jus the right shade of peach to paint my home office for the last few months.  I find shades are either too pink, or too salmony. Anywhere, here is some inspiration

This was the original office that inspired me to paint my office peach
via Decorology

LOVE this.
via Pinterest via The Glitter

This bedroom has been a favorite of mine for a long time.
via Pinterest via The Designer's Muse

Maybe a bit too salmon for me, but I like it
via Pinterest via Babble

This color is just what I'm looking for!
via Pinterest via The Tao of Dana

This is gorgeous too but maybe a bit too warm.
via The Tao of Dana

via Pinterest via BHG


Emfurn said...

Absolutely love your sense of style. When you figure out the best shade of peach to use, I bet it'll be a stunner. Please write a blog post when you do!

- Emfurn

Hubert Cole said...

You have great taste. I love the first photo. Those abstract paintings will definitely look good in anybody's office. I actually love how warm the palettes you picked are. Anyway, I hope to see your home office soon. Make sure to keep us posted. All the best! :)

Hubert Cole @ Pear Workplace Solutions


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