Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gorgeous floor inspiration

We are about to remove the carpeting in our home to hardwood floors, and while we are just having the new floor match the existing, I thought it would still be fun to search for some gorgeous floor inspiration!

 Loving the color of these floors
via 29 Rue House

I rented a brownstone in Brooklyn with floors like this one once.
via Airbnb
Wide plank...drooling

via Indulgy

I like the look of white washed floors - I'd like to know if they wear well...
via Indulgy

Clean and sleek floors.  Probably super easy to clean...
via Indulgy

Our original floors look like this, just not as glossy.
via Indulgy

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Pierre salle de bain said...

Gorgeous pictures, I often wonder who actually has a chance to live in these homes and how lucky they are.


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