Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wallpaper I Wouldn't Mind Having

The trends of wallpaper come and go but there are some styles that I feel like stick around really well and I could imagine having in my own home:

If the pattern is busy, I'd say go with a neutral color way or only one wall.
via Pinterest via BHG

Classic patterns, like the diamonds above or the stripes below, are a surefire and chic way to go.
via Pinterest via Apartment Therapy

Linen covered sofa - Striped wallpaper - Gallery wall in black, white, and browns
via thedecorista

Going with neutral colors or a simple print like stripes is a great choice for something that can last a a long time in a home and potentially resell just fine!

via Pinterest via Real Simple

Prints that seem to stick around are another option. There are always those few that don't seem to ever go out of style. Floral trellises are one example.
via pinterest
If you know you are going to be in the home you are in go with something you love! My suggestion would be to pick something you know you will still love years down the road, like a print you've always adored, since changing up wallpaper isn't as easy. 

horizontal bead board...mudroom inspiration
via indulgy

Have fun with it, because after all - it is your home!


Mary Jane Smith said...

I loved this wallpapers. They all look so vintage. I'm working with a brand that would feature well with those. Delightfull, do you know it? I also am working with Boca do Lobo. Quite different but both amazing.

Monnaie said...

Cool! great home interior designing and interior furnishing!

Saman Zahid said...

Great! The wallpaper is looking fantastic. I really inspired with the interior decoration of the home. This made the home looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing some great things here.


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