Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Decorating with plants and house plant inspiration

With the sun shining in through the window and the spring bringing beautiful flowers, I've decided to share some great ideas to enjoy some of that outdoor lifestyle inside with your home decor.  I don't have great luck with plants - easy care ones I even tend to kill - snake plant, etc...while more delicate ones I somehow manage to keep alive.  Still, I love the way they look (when they are healthy)  and I love the air filtering benefits of plants.

Sneak Peek: Best of Indoor Plants. Copper plant holder in Alison and Jeff Allen’s South Minneapolis home. #sneakpeek

Mix it in with the decor you already have by choosing the pot or container with the same care you would any other piece of decor.

Trees are a great way to soften a corner...

Or just for adding impact.
via Pinterest via CasaSugar

via Inspired by Charm

via Pinterest via LoLo Moda
I love terrariums, and they are a great way to start small if you aren't sure or you don't feel like you have the green thumb. A little can go a long way and some of these are seriously adorable!

via Belle Maison
I also love the look of plants - potted or hanging, in the bathroom.

Do you have good luck with house plants?  If so, please share your secrets in the comments section!

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Sophie Palmer said...

What a lovely blog. I personally LOVE bringing the outdoors inside, for aesthetic reasons and also for more oxygen in the room. They literally bring life to a room scheme!

Green room schemes will benefit hugely from real plant life additions, for example, olive coloured tiles.

I have a massive cheese plant in my living room - tip is to water just once per month.


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