Friday, March 14, 2014

Ideas for using pattern in your decor (especially if you're afraid of it)

While I'm transitioning my house from winter to spring, I keep seeing all these fun prints I want to incorporate in my home decor. Here's a few that have caught my eye:

I love to mix and match accent pillows and since these are the easiest and most budget friendly way to change up the colors in your home, they are on the top of my list.


A pattern in neutral colors like the checkers on the floor means you don't have to be married to one color palette. You can swap out different accent colors through out the year.

Don't be afraid to go bold! This rug is eye catching and I like that it stands out a little since rugs tend to hide behind the rest of the home decor. 

via houzz

I love the look of these chairs. Between the studs and pattern only being on the back side. It give sit a glamorous yet fun look to it.

via Heidi Claire via MadeByGirl

The entryway is a great place to try a little pattern because there isn't a lot of space to be overwhelmed.  It also creates impact right from the start since it's usually the first area of your home someone sees.


tehmina said...

Thanks for sharing these pics and ideas for using patterns in interior decor.Love these multi patterned cushions.

Laura Lou said...

I love using patterns in decorating - lots of the retro furniture has great prints too.... my favourite at the moment is plain tub chairs with printed cushions.


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