Monday, March 31, 2014

Chic and Glamorous Art for the Fashion Lover

Good art isn't always easy to find. Etsy has made it easier though, and has made it possible to connect a lot of artists with people who love art that isn't mass produced or unattainable to most of us. One Etsy artist I'm loving is the Lady Gatsby shop with fashion inspired prints.

I love watercolors, and then paired with the subject matter - gorgeous perfume bottles, shoes, etc., there are quite a few pieces I'd love for my master bath and office. I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous Chanel No. 5 print and some super chic correspondence cards, and they look even better in person!

Here are a few other prints and cards I'm loving:

Love it?  See more at Lady Gatsby

disclosure: I received these prints as a sample

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