Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What a difference a mirror makes - cute and clever ways to use mirrors

Here's some eye candy that will be sure to make you rethink mirrors! Mirrors can make a tremendous impact in a space, and if  you are lacking in square footage or light, great mirrors can really make a room feel much bigger and brighter by bouncing light back

Mirror your mirrors - using two can have a really striking affect.
via apartmenttherapy

We don't hesitate to put mirrors in our bathrooms or entryways, but why not in the kitchen?  It can really open up a narrow or galley kitchen.
via Niagara Novice

Putting a mirror across a doorway can reflect new colors or textural interest in a room.
via Angie Hranowsky

Make it huge.  Mirrors are one of those things where I think bigger is better.  It will reflect so much light and add a lot of grandeur.  
via Automatism

Glamorous Chic Life
Don't settle for what your house "came with".  We have lame-o contractor grade mirrors in our bathroom.  What a difference a beautifully framed mirror would make...

via glamorouschiclife

Here are a couple of mirrors I would love to have in my home..

This Venetial mirror... at $249 it's not that expensive, but not in my future right now with a wedding on our heels.

Get it at Gilt.

More affordable and so pretty.
Get it at HauteLook

Do you have any cool or clever ways of using mirrors in your home?


tehmina said...

As in pic#2 ,using mirror in the kitchen is a nice idea to make it look spacious. A mirror wall is another way to create space in a room . The mirrors in pic#5 and 7 are elegant and stunning.

Jennifer Coyle said...

I love this collection. Mirrors are so important, especially in small spaces. When I decorate my new studio apartment, I'm going to use mirrors adjacent from windows as well as across the room from my windows.

Joan Price said...

Thanks for the share! I really like the usage of those large mirrors in your pictures. The one that really sticks out to me the most would definitely be the one in the kitchen. Such a large mirror adds a nice level of depth to such a small space. Nice job!

Amani Baysan Rahal said...

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