Friday, December 6, 2013

Help! I'm trying to identify what flower this is to use in my wedding bouquet!

Any green thumbs or floral experts out there?  I pinned this image a long, long time ago because it is exactly what I want my bouquet to be.  I know the pinks ones are peonies, but does anyone know what the little green ones are?

via Pinterest

Could they be baby's breath dyed green?

via Pottery World

I thought maybe they were viburnum but the clumps look too small to be viburnum.  Any ideas?

Anyway, it's dreary and damp in Maryland, so here are more gorgeous flowers to brighten up your Friday!

How stunning is this?
via The Knot

and this!! Stunning!
via The Knot

via Style Me Pretty

via Style Me Pretty


Pati N said...

The green ones are called "Ladies Mantel" or "Alchemilla" It is a beautiful green. I grow tons of it in my garden.

Pati N said...

Actually now that I looked closer...the flowers seem to be bigger and more at the ends of the stem. Maybe it isn't Ladies Mantel, as it is more loose sprays? I will keep looking and if I find something I will post...if someone else hasn't. :)

Pati N said...

Followed your link...think these are stylized Baby's Breath and don't really exist. The Ladies Mantel is the same color tho so look into that maybe...

Anonymous said...

they could be immature buds of hops

CC in Virginia

nancy50 said...

I think they might be a form of Queen Anne's Lace called Green Mist

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pati N: Lady's Mantel. The second picture is an artificial bunch with the plastic vase stem.

Mel in MD

Anonymous said...

They are a filler flower called bupleurum- I think the ones in your bouquet are bupleurum rotundifolium.
Google images of bupleurum-lloks like a match.


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