Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kitchen Details That Make All The Difference

Recently I've been gravitating more and more to my kitchen (not good considering I'm getting married in 7 months.)  I'm not sure if it's the cold that's making me think of baking and hot home cooked meals but I wanted to share some pretty awesome ideas for an exhaust fan.  Exhaust fan you say?  When you have one as horrific as mine - think impossibly loud but completely ineffective, exhaust fans suddenly become a big deal.

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A dream kitchen

timber covered exhaust fan
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No one likes a burnt smell, lingering odor, or a smoky kitchen (or not being able to hear yourself think when your's is on).  Since exhaust fans have suddenly become important in my life, you learn to appreciate the ones that function as the kitchen gods intended. If you are anything like I was, you probably spend .2 minute of your lifetime thinking about them, but I have started to learn the undeniable value of a good fan! Turns out I'm not the only one, because once I started doing some research to replace mine I fell into the rabbit hole of gorgeously designed (and functional) exhaust fans.

There's a plethora of sources to find excellent looking exhaust fans, including Westside Wholesale online household supermarket. There are so many options besides the traditional one most homes have so you can find one that will compliment your style and space perfectly.

For those of you who don't know there are plenty of amazing things an exhaust fan can do for your kitchen. Exhaust fans not only purify the air, but also protect the whole home. Think about what happens each time you cook, there is a significant volume of oil vapors, steam, smoke, and other substances accumulated in the kitchen air. These vapors form oil layers on the kitchen ceiling and accessories as well as on the furniture standing in other rooms. An exhaust fan can take that away which can save your furniture from staining and dirt!

Natural wood and green accents.

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If you are like me, the second I think about an exhaust fan, I think of the amount of noise it makes. You can get an exhaust fan with minimal noise! It's an option on most exhaust fans but I'm learning now would totally be worth it! A popular option would be to get a fan that is energy efficient and obtain optimal heat transfer. This feature saves you some costs and reduces electricity bills. Additional lighting, damper, and motor lubrication are some more options that aren't always necessary but can really help the look or life of your fan!

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Now I can't stop looking at all the options out there! There's more to exhaust fans then you thought, isn't there?

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Ivy Lane said...

so many great options here! beautiful pics..gorgeous kitchens!

Staci said...

“Exhaust fans not only purify the air, but also protect the whole home.” – True! Some of its functions may not be obvious, but imagine what would happen if you unintentionally burnt something and you don’t have an exhaust fan to get rid of the fumes? More than clearing our house from unwanted smells, exhaust fans do protect our home in more ways than one.Staci @ BrooklynFan.com

Michael Maloney said...

Now you have me dreaming of a new kitchen - and all because of an exhaust fan! My house is badly in need of a transformation, the exhaust fan is so old I’m not even sure it works anymore, the tiles are from the 70’s, and there is no storage to speak of. I’ll have to count my pennies and start looking into how much I need to budget for.


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