Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Make it Scary, Easily: cute and quick Halloween craft ideas from Sweet Paul

I love Sweet Paul, and these ideas are so simple but still dramatic. I might even try them and I am the laziest Holiday decorator ever. Seriously - I don't vacuum the corners of my ceiling for a month and voila - spooky spider webs as my Halloween decorations.

Paint a funkin or pumpkin in a very matte black paint.

To make these spooky skeleton cards, Paul just:

1.bought a bunch of these old photographs at a flea market.
2.Printed out the skulls from online, google old skulls.
3.Cut them out and simply glued them on top of their faces.

Make a scary vignette - the entry or foyer table is a great place to do this. Paul says "By painting some objects in a flat paint they become all of a sudden really spooky. The candlestick is painted, www.momastore.org and the bottle has dripping paint on the inside."

Another great option for the entry way or foyer.. Paul says:  1.Simply trace the lathers to a fabric and sew with white embroidery thread. 2.Frame in old frames and hang.

all images via Sweet Paul


Irish Juanitas said...

very nice ideas for Halloween! i love it.

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thank you!

susiecarranzastudio said...

love these - especially the still life!


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