Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Home office layout and inspiration

I am having a heck of a time arranging my home office in a manner that I'm comfortable. I believe I moved my desk 4 times now and I've only lived in our house since June. This morning I was in a rampage trying to find a photo or inspiration to use as a jumping off point for laying out my own home office. Here are some of spaces I found that I could see working in the room I use as my home office.

I tend to lean towards having a "floating" desk arrangement.  The only problem is that I either have to have my back to the door, which I don't like, or my back to a window, which causes a bad glare on my monitor. I'd like to do an accent wall in my office as well.
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This could work for me, but where you see the cork boards I have a window.  I also have windows where they have windows, but mine are closer to the ceiling and only about 3' high.

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via Houzz

What is your office layout?  Do you like a floating desk, or a desk facing a wall or window?


Eleni Psyllaki said...

Oh, I'm definitely a floating desk girl! Since I moved my desk in the middle of the room, I can't even imagine looking at the wall again! Now, since you have a window, placing your desk under it, it actually feels like a floating one since you'll be looking outside ;)

ZSUZSA said...

I like the floating desk idea very much. If you would like to face the door when sitting at your desk, maybe some window treatments can solve the computer glare issue. That way you can customize the amount of light according to your needs. And since the room had more windows on the side wall, it is not like you'd be sitting in the dark even with the curtains/shutters behind you closed. said...

Loving all of the woven wood shades. They go with everything! Can you tell we're obsessed...


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