Thursday, October 10, 2013

Barn Inspired Details in the Home

My parents have always had dreams of converting a barn into a home.  Like my parents, most of us probably don't have the means to live in a gorgeously restored barn, it is at least possible to bring a little bit of the barn into your home.

Barn doors are something I've been seeing more and more of lately, and they aren't just for rustic, country homes either.   Depending on the door's treatment and hardware, they can even look chic and elegant.

Stunning.  via Pinterest

The walls and door in stark white contrasts with the ceiling beams and hardware, which creates a clean, crisp look.
via Living with Libby

I also love it when the doors' original patina is left in tact.

The hardware is just as gorgeous as the doors! Nowadays its not as hard to find options when it comes to barn door hardware. Whether you want it to blend in or stand out, the hardware makes a major difference once installed. 

via Houzz

via Pinterest

You know my love for white, and white can keep the look sophisticated while still giving a nod to the barn. If you are not a rustic person but still love the barn door look this might be the best option for you! It still looks modern and classy here. I'm not sure if this one has the sliding door hardware on it or not, it looks more like it's from a garage.

via Houzz

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Nancy S said...

This is my favorite Decorology post ever. I really appreciate all the goodies you send my way! said...

Thank you so much Nancy! You've made my day!


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