Thursday, September 5, 2013

House Tour: A gorgeous island house full of pattern and texture

Taylor Borsari's Coronado Island home isn't your typical light and airy, white-washed and pastel abode, it has depth and soul.  All the same, it's use of eclectic pattern and texture keeps it upbeat and inspiring.  I've got a bit of a crush!

This family room is where I would read at night.  The wood and seagrass keeps adds warmth, but the cream upholstery and white walls still feels fresh.

How can you not smile in this kitchen?  Makes me feel like I'm back in the Alhambra!

ADORE this bedroom - the wallpaper, the bed...all of it...

I'd like to refinish my dining room table to look like this blonde wood.

The living room.

This bedroom is fun and pretty, but I'm not brave enough for that wallpaper!

Read more and see it all at TradHome


Alexandra said...

Beautiful home!! I was glad to see the picture of the bedroom with the patterned wallpaper in yellow and greige because I am using that palette in my powder room and can't decide on a light fixture... I want something with glass but wasn't sure how it would look... the image answered my question: lovely and just right!! Thank you, read you soon, alexandra

Tammy - Home and Lifestyle said...

This home is beautiful! It would be ideal for a weekend getaway or even a year-long vacation with one's family or friends. THe colors are pastel and warm but at the same time, there is enough spark thanks to the bright colors put in a few places. I love the first photo of the lounge - the room is small yet comfortable.


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