Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What to do...real hardwood floors or laminate?

Currently our home is about 35% wall-to-wall carpet. The carpet is at least, fairly new, but it's just not for me.  In my mind the only option is hardwood flooring. However nice hardwood floors are not cheap, especially considering the square footage we need for our home.

When you buy flooring for a home there is always the tough decision of either spending a lot of money for a great look or saving your pennies and going for a cheaper option that doesn't fully achieve the stunning result you want.

These days, more and more people are turning to laminate, but I've only ever seen cheap laminate that sounds like you're walking on thin plastic. I'm wondering if upscale laminate might be a budget friendly option that doesn't sacrifice looks or other qualities of real wood....

Here are some of the examples I found:


Along with cheaper flooring costs, laminate also costs less to install than hardwood. That's two ways to save if you are on a budget...

I seriously can't believe some of these are laminate flooring.  The laminate flooring I've seen never has the groove between planks, which is what always makes it look so fake to me.  Below are actual laminate planks.

via Houzz

I've also read that if you have pets or children, some laminates are actually more durable than some hardwoods when it comes to holding up to wear and tear.

With us having a new puppy in the house, easy to clean floors is a MUST.


If cleanliness is something you love, laminate definitely wins the spot on that one. Sounds like it's really easy to clean and keep clean!

You all know how much I love a bright bedroom and this light bedroom laminate flooring looks just as nice as real wood. Once the puppy is potty trained I can add a nice throw rug too...


Luckily, with  laminate floors you get just as many options. There are so many different styles of laminate flooring, it isn't going to be hard to find one that fits your style perfectly.

Whether you like a simple sleek finish or one with great texture and color, laminate is a viable consideration if price is a big issue.

via Houzz

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Janessa Iden said...

My home had beautiful dark hard wood floors and we found out we had termites and had to replace it. While I loved the real stuff, I worried about my son playing to hard on new floors. After looking into different options I found "wood" tile and decided on going with a herringbone patter. We went with a light color and people have no idea it is tile and not wood. It still gives the warm feeling of wood.

DreamCatcher said...

What i have regretted since day 1 is NOT installing laminate flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. I LOVE my laminate floors. Super easy to clean with just water and some vinegar. Regularly I just vacuum every other day and mop maybe once a month. I chose a reaaaally versatile color, beige-grey that shows nothing :)))))))
After 4 years in our house it still looks like new. I did buy the most expensive option at the time and it still was the cheapest and best thing that I decided upon building the house. Underfoot it feels like the real thing 100%

Emmaemily said...

Nice and wonderful pictures. It’s really good .Thanks for sharing.

Keri Smith said...

I would go for dustless hardwood floor refinishing on hardwood floors. Nothing beats the beauty of real wood.

Abcflooring Design said...

I would try for dustless hardwood floor resurfacing on hardwood floors. Nothing beats the magnificence of genuine wood.


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