Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bedroom Storage

You all know how much I love light and beautiful bedrooms. Today I wanted to share with you what I think can be a tough obstacle for a bedroom - storage space.

I feel like every time I move, the amount of possessions I have to find space for doubles.  It's important to me that I have a way to tuck some of these things away and hide them so my bedroom can stay clean and serene.

If you're like me, and can't afford built-ins, a clever way to "fake" it is to find a piece of furniture that can mimic a built in.  The white credenza in this room sits under the window and is white, just like a built in would be if it existed in this room.

You can also find a lot of storage solutions that double as decor, like old trunks.
2 above via Covet Garden

One space you never want lacking in storage is the closet! I love built in style closets because they feel so luxe and it makes it really easy to store and find items. Not having enough storage space in a closet results in random boxes on the floor or above where you can't reach them or end up not using the contents because it's such a pain to get to them!

via via Pinterest

When everything has a spot your less likely to keep things you don't need and it's going to save so much time in your day not having to "find" all those missing things!

via House Beautiful

Keep it simple - sometimes, all you need is a few beautiful baskets to create the storage you need.  A guest room may only need a few extra pillows and blankets and baskets can be a beautiful and functional way to fill that need.

Another options is to a bed with built in storage in it! Something like a double storage bed is a great option if you are having trouble finding space to create storage in your room or you just need that extra space. 

The built in storage under the bed gives it a more flush and clean look - I personally don't like to put things under the bed, so it's a great option if you are like me.. There are plenty of different styles of double storage beds that you can choose from. Some have a similar look to multiple drawers or cubbies you can put fabric bins like under the window seat.
The most important factor is not only that the storage is functional, but that you like it, so sometimes it takes a bit of hunting to find a storage solution you like. You want your bedroom to be relaxing and clutter is the last thing that's going to achieve that! Find a storage solution that doesn't distract your eye or take away from much needed rest!


ZSUZSA said...

You are so right! Good looking and practical storage spaces are always important, especially in small dwellings. I just finished renovating a small apartment where we chose most of the furniture to be built-in. It actually did not cost much more than buying furniture, and makes way better use of the small space. My favorite has to be the daybed which has tons of storage space all around.

ashley@decorology said...

@Zsuzsa - You guys did a great job! I love Budapest!

Jenny said...

I'm totally for the hidden storage solutions myself. I like that clean streamlined minimalistic look too, which can be a bit difficult if you have a small place! One of my favorite solutions is different size decorative boxes or chests, they look great piled on top of each other and they hide all those unseemly nick-nacks and high school photo albums!

Samwise Gamgee said...

I just moved and I am out of room. I would love to have some storage. Edmonton is a nice area but I am cramped for space. Do have any suggestions for creating space in a closet? I was thinking of building some shelves.

MarkSindone said...

I have to fully agree that storage is one of the most difficult issues we often face at home. It actually concerns all parts of the house and does not necessarily focus on a single area only. The problem is that we have to make storage space available in abundance without taking up too much floor space which is the biggest challenge yet. That is why wall space is often utilized and shelves and racks have been increasingly popular.


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