Friday, July 26, 2013

Mixing and matching chairs

Mix and matching chairs is a great way to create a space with more personality. Your reasons for mixing and matching could be to save money (you can only afford one or two of a certain chair you love), availability (the chair is an antique and you only found 1), or visual interest (you think matching chairs are a snorefest). What ever your reasons, a few guidelines can keep your space looking chic.

Color Consistency: Paint your chairs the same color, or use the same fabric on the upholstery.  This will create a cohesive thread throughout your chair set.
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Make your intentions clear:
Make it obvious you intended the mixed look.  Choosing chairs from different eras, like the traditional chairs with the ghost chairs, it a great way to mix with intent.
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Two examples 

Finding the right combination can sometimes be tough if you can't see the big picture. A great way to start is to decide on a color palette, prints, and foundation pieces you love. For example if you are going to do a living room and office combined, you can use neutrals with an accent color (in this case, lavender), and use it in your living room as and accent and then your office chairs!
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Going with a different shape for the office chair but in the accent color- this swivel chair can make a statement without feeling like it doesn't fit in with the rest of the space.  Color is the connecting thread here.
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bright yellow chairs

If you are going with a fun statement chairs, finding complimentary pieces might seem harder to pick out, but using the rest of this room's decor, an aqua desk chair might be the perfect mix match.

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You can look at Homebase's chair range for ideas to mix and match your own furniture!

Have you ever tried mixing and matching chairs?

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Squeak said...

I have three different sets of two Louis XV and XVI style chairs that I use together in my library/dining room. I found that the key to having them look good together was to have one of the sets upholstered in a solid colour (pale greyish aqua), one in a floral where the aqua was the prominent colour and one in another pattern (stripe, plaid, etc.) where the aqua was also fairly prominent. They look terrific - like they belong together, but more exciting than a matched set.

Melody said...

Amazing transformation, I would never have believed that was the same nightstand. I am so inspired, I want to do this too! I cannot believe you are a newbie to this, your work looked flawless. I have miss matching chairs also, but cannot claim it's because I'm such a savvy decorator, it's all about the budget. Barb Blairs' book sounds like something I could actually understand, so here's hoping I get lucky!

Yemek tarifleri said...

Amazing said...

i must save money to get it :)

Global said...

I am in the market for a new office chair. Looks like this one would be super comfortable for long hours of work.


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