Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Luxurious Furniture

Today I have way too many deadlines looming, so I just need a quick fix of eye candy!

via DesignManifesto

A huge mirror and chandelier in a bathroom? I think that screams luxury!

via BHG

via HookerFurniture
Occasionally I do get caught up in designer furniture trends, just make sure you will love it 5 years from now.

Drooling over this dresser!
Adore Home

via High Gloss Magazine

I hope you enjoyed your eye candy today!

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1 comment:

Melody said...

1st pic chandy over tub "screams luxury"...being an ER nurse it screams electricity and sitting water..nooooo.

I happen to love the look too, mine is just candles though! Very pretty eye candy.


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